German Car Service & Repairs – Melbourne

All Tune-Up and Service according to Manufacturers’ Specifications and Kilometres travelled.

We Only Use 100% Synthetic Oil from LiquiMoly.


  • Complete lubrication service
  • Engine tune using electronic diagnostic equipment
  • Fuel system service and clean
  • Vehicle safety check comprising of underbody, exhaust system, steering, suspension and tyres, lights, brake-pads, wipers, windscreens and more…
  • Compile a full written report. If replacement parts are required – CONTACT CUSTOMER FIRST
  • Perform Servicing and Tune-Ups per Manufacturers specifications


  • Check cooling, potential leaks and overall operation
  • Check system pressures
  • Check and adjust compressor drive belt
  • Clean condenser
  • Recharging and Recovery of Refrigerant
  • For some cars we do an anti-bacterial clean
  • Dirt build up removal in the system and on the vents (This will also remove the unpleasant odour that can sometimes be emitted)

European Car Specialists

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